What can Reflexology do for you?
Welcome to, What can Reflexology do for you.

It is my passion to help people through Reflexology and coaching to overcome Depression and Anxiety and be given a second chance to a great life.

I have developed an 8 step system that is designed to suit individual needs as everyone has different causes for the Depression.

I had Depression for 17 years. I was triggered by the death of my brother in 1977.  I was on meds which, over time, I became addicted to and was overdosing and became a zombie. I had lost all faith in myself and felt worthless and could not remember things. .I was diagnosed in 1992 with breast cancer and had a double mastectomy, the following year my Mom passed away and my eldest daughter got married and immigrated to the UK. I had a huge breakdown in 1994 when my Dad passed away but I was blessed to have met a Reflexologist who helped me to overcome the Depression. The Reflexologist helped me to learn to relax and brought my body, mind and soul back to normal functioning.
As a result of the help I received I studied Reflexology that works on the physical and emotional wellbeing.

I felt that I had been given a second chance at a new life and want to help others to have the same. Because of my own experience, I understand what you go through and that is why I developed the system that I use for coaching.

The benefits are:
1.Feeling great about yourself once again.
2.Self confidence is restored
3.Your self esteem is increased
4.You are able to set new goals for your New Life
5.You are no longer a doormat to anyone.