About Reflexology
Relfexology was first discovered in Egypt 2500BC and was brought to South Africa in the 1970's from the UK.

The purpose of Reflexology is to treat the whole body, rather than only one specific symptom, therefore a Reflexologist usually starts the session off by working both feet, before zoning in on the areas that need extra help.

What to Expect

Everyone can benefit from a Reflexology treatment including children, teenagers, adults as well as the elderly. Stress and tension affect all of us, it is just the degree that differs. Excessive stress creates the body to release a hormone cortisol which is toxic to the body in excess..

During the treatment my clients normally fall asleep as a result of the total relaxation, this is good, as it is the time for the body to heal itself. As every one is unique the effect after a treatment is different. As you may have a feeling of detoxing as the body releases the toxins from the cells. it is suggested that you drink plenty of water after a session so that the kidneys and bowl movements can flush out the waste products. The aim is to create a balancing effect (or "homeostasis") that restores the body's equilibrium.

How often

It is recommended to have weekly treatments for four to six weeks and then every two weeks there after to keep up the maintenance. If I am treating a specific dis-ease then it may be longer depending on the client. A treatment is an hour long.