This workshop takes you on a journey. Most people have a desire and a right to be healthy, happy and successful in all that they do.

Today life is like being on a roller coaster, deadlines to meet, meetings to attend, working overtime to catch up and what do we do  we stay on the roller coaster until we hit burnout.

The workshop teaches you to cope, still have a life and time to spend with your loved ones, and do the hobbies that you never have time for, or the sport that you have neglected.

What to expect

The workshop is very hands on and fun, we look at your life wheel and well as your health wheel to see how balanced you are. I encourge interaction as we all learn from one another. On the course, you will find out what is holding you back from getting what you want out of life whatever it is. I deal with fear, anger, lack of self-esteem and many other issues such as depression, anxiety and hopelessness..
Always remember you are a unique and special person in your own right and I encourage this throughout the workshop.
After the workshop I keep in touch weekly to ensure that you reach your goals.

Who Should Attend

People working in the corporate world, the entrepeneur working from home, as well as the home executive who is always on the run or if you are depressed, stuck in a rut, need to find a new direction.

Anyone who wants to make a positive change or difference in their lives.


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Workshops are held at Misty Hills Conference Centre in Muldersdrift Gauteng on a Saturday from 9am to 4pm