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           Shenyang Hanwei Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological innovationn-oriented entity corporation. Its products include high-precision gears, high-speed gearboxes, oil film bearings, large gear rings, planetary reducers, non-standard reducers, mud pumps, plunger pumps and vibration exciters. Hanwei has been founded over 20 years. Currently, its total assets is over 200 million RMB (30 million US dollars), and with more than 200 employees.We always adhere to the management concept of "surviving by quality and developing by scientific and technological innovation". From industrial manufacturing to cutting short the science and technology industry, we serve widely in the fields of wind power, oil, natural gas, mining, metallurgy, cement, building materials, paper-making and machine tools. 


           Hanwei currently holds a number of technical patents, with the industry-renowned NILES high-precision CNC forming grinding machine, HOFLER CNC forming grinding machine, the largest processing diameter can reach 5 meters, and has seven 8-meter hobbing machine, and a number of sets of large, precision, thin equipment and processing centers, forming a leading group of gear parts processing equipment in the industry. 30 tons arc-cast steel electric furnace, 6000 tons hydraulic press from the source to ensure product quality, coordinate measuring instrument, high-precision gear measuring instrument, large-scale heat treatment production line to ensure product process.


           Hanwei attaches great importance to talent construction, gathers many industry technical experts and scholars in many fields, has the top technical talents from all over the country, and has rich experience in the technical workers industry. The company has always adhered to the business philosophy of "surviving by quality, developing by scientific and technological innovation, respecting contracts and keeping promises", and its production and operation have developed rapidly. Products exported to dozens of countries and regions, from industrial manufacturing to cutting-edge science and technology industries, can be seen everywhere in Hanwei products, "Hanwei" has become a resounding name inside and outside the industry, has become the guarantee of high quality and confidence in the minds of millions of users, and has won praise from users.