Client Testimonials
Excessive Stress

My name is Mandy, when I first went to Pat for Reflexology I was tired, very run down as a result of being extremely stressed out from work and having a three year old at home, life was hectic. I started having weekly treatments and after a period of six months Pat suggested that every two weeks would be fine as I had improved and the energy levels had come up considerably. I was coping better with the stress. The difference was incredible I had not felt so good for ages. I still see Pat every week.


Anxiety and Panic Attacks

I have been suffering from Anxiety and Panic attacks since 1987, which lead me to be a total nervous wreck. This affected my driving, and I found that on open roads, I would be overcome by traffic tailing me, and cars overtaking at high speed. Sometimes I had to pull over and wait until I was calm enough to continue.

This situation lasted until 1999. I found an advertisement for Reflexology by Pat, which gave an alternative treatment for my problems. After about four treatments, I could start feeling the benefits. I was calmer, and found that I could drive around town and the suburbs with more confidence. That was ninteen years ago. I am now able to drive anywhere with total confidence and I still attend Reflexology.

I recommend that anyone who suffers with Anxiety and Panic Attacks should seriously look at Reflexology as an alternative treatment.


Depression and Anxiety

After the passing of my mother, I went into deep depression. I was treated by a Psychologist and Psychiatrist who put me on all sorts of drugs. I became addicted to the drugs and became suicidal. In desperation, I found Pat and started to go for Reflexology on a weekly basis. The Reflexology helped me to relax and aided my Irritable Bowl Syndrome (IBS). As she ran a support group for Depression and Anxiety for the West Rand, I attended her group course once a week. It was great because the group understood me and we all had something in common. I was able to tell people that there was light at the end of the tunnel. After a year, I decided to go to a clinic and came off all the drugs cold turkey and was there for three weeks. Pat was supportive all the way through my ordeal. My life changed for the better, I also lost 15kg in weight. I had so much more confidence in myself I was able to accepted a job offer. My whole family could see the difference in me and it was very rewarding.